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From Social Justice to personal reformation...

Client meetings– formal and informal– are an integral way of working at Glenmiur

Your partner in personal reformation

Make no mistake– modern life is harder than ever!


History is all well and good, but look at the struggles we face every day...


If you've ever had to deal with excessively long work and social networking hours, conflicting personal demands, difficult colleagues and social contacts, poor family relationships and low self-esteem, you could be in danger.  There are potential pitfalls everywhere and no-one is completely ‘immune’.


While pressures of modern life can help make you perform more effectively, things can get out of control and lead to mental overload and confusional stress.  Ignoring these can be dangerous and lead to general social dysfunction.  These issues are unlikely to go away on their own, and if not addressed can lead to problems such as:


· Poor choices in our social behaviour and relationships

· Physical heath problems such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes

· Engulfing ourselves within the channelverse

· Family estrangement

· Poor dietary choices and weight gain

· Mental health issues

· Reliance on drugs or alcohol to help 'get you through the day'


Any of these could lead to you being required to attend a Social Justice Centre hearing. 


                                                                 And that’s where we come in...

Counselling the Counsellors


At Glenmiur we specialise in helping counsellors who have recently been required to attended an SJC hearing in connection with their work.  We run a series of courses aimed at dealing with problems and improving your wellbeing.


Through a combination of seminars, interactive discussion and questionnaires, all our courses can help you:


· Recognise the early symptoms of stress and social dysfunction

· Examine the underlying causes of it

· Provide strategies and techniques for dealing with it

· Look at how relaxation and good nutrition can help



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Acceptance, Growth, Reformation...

Standing out from the crowd...

Our New Specialist Courses

























Longer Term General Courses


We offer a flexible range of residential courses aimed at counsellors looking to fully discharge their Social Justice commitments.  Elements may be picked and chosen according to each individual’s needs.


Tackling Stress at Work and Home examines:


· The employer's legal responsibility

· Blending and separating your personal and professional identities within the channelverse

· Risk factors and how to set up a risk-assessment programme

· Managing personal and professional archives

· Meeting training needs

· Building action plans

· Evaluating results


The Assertiveness course helps you:


· Recognise the difference between assertion and aggression

· Understand why we are reluctant to be assertive

· Learn how to say 'No'

· Gain the skills to become more assertive


Our Communication Skills course will give you the confidence to:


· Express your ideas and feelings effectively

· Adopt appropriate communication styles across different identities

· Deal with identity ‘bleed’

· Listen to the opinions of others

· Develop influencing tactics

· Use logic and reason


Our Time Management course examines effective ways of:


· Setting achievable goals

· Learning to prioritise

· Handling interruptions

· Identifying distractions

· Dealing with channelverse deluge


Our course on Working Together - Dealing with Difficult People helps you:


· Turn arguments into discussions

· Use honesty to gain agreement

· Manage issues resulting from personal archive enquiries

· Defuse blame

· Achieve a positive outcome


Corporate packages available– please inquire


New Specialist Courses



We take care of reporting back to your Social Justice representative– no stress, no fuss

Try Before You Commit…


Before committing your precious Social Justice Treatment Credits, you will want assurance that Glenmiur is right for you.


Serving as a ’taster’ session, our Stress Management and Wellbeing course is only a half-day workshop, so it's easier to allocate time in your busy schedule.


We are very much aware that many factors cause negative Social Justice findings, so in addition we offer courses tailored to more specific needs.

Glenmiur counsellors have access to the latest physical and mental analysis equipment to assist clients’ personal reformation plans

Glenmiur offers a full range of both general and specialized courses

Specialist Courses- Designed for You!